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Name- Miss Jackie

Age- In my youth.

Location- New York

Brand of Choice- Marlboro Menthols, but I have smoked every brand under the sun at one point.

Cost Of a Pack- Four and change.

Carton Costs About fifty bucks.

Amount Smoked Per Day- A pack, sometimes a pack and a half.

Who disapproves of your smoking?- Everyone. Occasionally strangers will actually walk up to me on the street and say something to the effect of "You know you're killing yourself". The audacity amazes me. My boyfriend hates my habit as well. I really need to find a new boyfriend... Kidding.

Do you think you could quit whenever you want to?- I can't imagine ever wanting to, but I know somewhere down the line I may have to. My mother has quite a few holes in her lungs, the official diagnoses I am not sure, but it seems that genetically I have been dealt a bad hand when it comes to smoking-related complications. I talk to people and no one seems to have the effects that I do. I feel it every morning when I wake up and take a deep breath. My chest burns. I can't breathe very deeply or I start to cough. I spit like a fiend. And I can barely climb a flight of stairs. Soooo...

Have you tried quitting before?- I have "slowed down" before when I was extremely broke. I do that every so often when I'm low on money.

Do you smoke more when you drink?- I don't notice it, if I do. I never understood why it is that people smoke more when they drink. How does the alcohol trigger this, exactly?

Age You Started Smoking- I was fourteen when I bought my first pack of reds, and I was so paranoid of my mother finding out that I sealed them in a ziplock bag under the clothes in my dresser. She ended up not caring anyway, and actually bought me my cigarettes in my early teenage years.

I smoke most when- I am in my bedroom or another enclosed space. I find that cigarettes don't taste as good when you are outside. Maybe it's me. I also don't smoke and walk at the same time because, for some reason, it feels like I'm not even having a cigarette at all. I like to be able to smell the smoke around me. Maybe that is my taste buds deadening.

Reasons to Smoke- I have French blood. [smirk]

Top 3 Times You Light Up- I smoke about six cigarettes as I am doing my makeup before school. I smoke when I'm on my computer. I smoke an insane amount of cigarettes when I cry or argue with my boyfriend.

Any other comments?- MORE PICTURES! ♥

I am so hardcore.
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