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El Meurtiachi

"Teens Smoke 'to have small baby'"

Pregnant teenagers are deliberately smoking in the misguided hope they will have a smaller baby and, therefore, an easier birth.

Despite the risks of smoking during pregnancy, some young women choose to take up cigarettes in an attempt to reduce their labour pains, health minister Caroline Flint revealed.

She said she had anecdotal evidence from health workers and young women about the worrying trend. 'Childbirth is no less painful if your baby is low weight. Smoking is not the answer, pain relief is,' she told Nursing Standard magazine.

Women who smoke while pregnant are three times as likely to have a low birthweight baby, research shows. However, they are less likely to carry the child to full term and face a 26 per cent greater risk of miscarriage or stillbirth.

(full article)

"Quit Smoking, win a holiday

Smokers who quit for good are being rewarded with luxury holidays paid for by the NHS.

Two hospital trusts in Kent are offering anyone who uses their Stop Smoking service a chance to win a foreign break if they can prove they have kicked the habit.

Quitters must have a series of check-ups before they are entered into an annual prize draw.

(full article)

Here ye go, a big ole post to stir up some emotions in all you smokey ladies (or whoever you may be).
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