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Optional Survey
1. Name -- Gabei
2. Age -- 16
3. Location -- earth
4. Brand of Choice -- marlboro red's
5. Cost of a pack where you're from -- eh 4 something. i cant buy them i have people do that for me and just get the change back
6. Carton Costs? -- never bought one but around 45 dollars from the gas station ads
7. Amount smoked per day -- well around 5 or so
8. Who dissapproves of your smoking? -- my parents if they knew. half my friends do.
9. Do you think you could quit whenever you wanted to? -- i could i guess. nothing stopping me physically but i have no desire to do so
10. Have you tried quitting before? -- no
11. Do you smoke more when (if) you drink? -- i dont currently drink
12. Age you started smoking -- 15. last spring
13. I smoke most when - i am pissed off. i spend alot of time alone. ama feeling rebelous. with friends who smoke
a. I at my computer
b. I'm with friends who smoke
c. I'm alone
d. I read/relax
e. other (specify)

14. My friends smoke - my friends eithor dont smoke at all or do more than me
a. more than me
b. less than me
c. the same amount as me
d. not at all

top 3 reasons to smoke -- im a rebel ;) pretty much because im not suppsoed to. but also it's fun with friends, and when im really upset it helps alot

top 3 times you light up -- in the morning with my coffee, in the neighbors yard after school, on my roof before bed

Any other comments?

Any pictures? my icon is my picture
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