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Light me up...

Yay for this community, I'm so glad to find some community where there are other smokers!

Optional Survey
1. Name --
2. Age -- 21
3. Location -- Malta.
4. Brand of Choice -- Rothmans red, but will smoke Rothmans blue, Royals red, DuMaurier basically anything except Marlboro.
5. Cost of a pack where you're from -- 4.66 Euros which works out 1.55 liri.
6. Carton Costs? -- Around 20 euros, about ten liri.
7. Amount smoked per day -- It differs, can be anything from 15 - 30.
8. Who dissapproves of your smoking? -- My mum and dad don't exactly dissaprove just worry because I am asthmatic. A lot of my friends who are non smokers dissapprove and over here everywhere is non smoking now indoors.
9. Do you think you could quit whenever you wanted to? - Definitely not.
10. Have you tried quitting before? - Once when I had an asthma attack. I lasted for half a day. I could never quit I am way too addicted.
11. Do you smoke more when (if) you drink? - Hell yes.
12. Age you started smoking - 11.
13. I smoke most when -
a. I at my computer
b. I'm with friends who smoke
c. I'm alone
d. I read/relax
e. other (specify)

All of them and others, such as when I am drinking, waiting for buses, usng playstation. I just smoke a lot in general.

14. My friends smoke - B. & D.
a. more than me
b. less than me
c. the same amount as me
d. not at all

top 3 reasons to smoke --
Stress reliever
Love the smell/ taste everything about it.

top 3 times you light up --
When I wake up
Before sleeping
When drinking a cup of coffee

And all other times in between.

Any other comments?
We're all going to die anyway, whether you smoke or not has nothing to do with it. Lights up.

Any pictures?


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