sykopathicfairy (sykopathicfairy) wrote in girl_cigarette,

Intro post

1. Name --  

2. Age -- 

3. Location --
Chicago burbs
4. Brand of Choice --
Just switched to camel no 9 from marlboro light 100's

5. Cost of a pack where you're from -- 

6. Carton Costs? -- 
no idea, I get a break through a freind, I never pay regular price on a carton

7. Amount smoked per day -- 
1 pack maybe a pack and a half

8. Who dissapproves of your smoking? -- 
other parents at school w kids

9. Do you think you could quit whenever you wanted to? --
absoluitely not
10. Have you tried quitting before? -- 
yes and no

11. Do you smoke more when (if) you drink? -- 
most definitely

12. Age you started smoking -- 

13. I smoke most when -
I am playing video games or on the phone

14. My friends smoke -
b. less than me

top 3 reasons to smoke -- 
It makes me NOT need to choke people, nervous tendencies, boredom

top 3 times you light up -- 
playing xbox, talking on the phone, at my computer
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