Sophie (sophiexmas) wrote in girl_cigarette,


1. Name: Sophie
2. Age: 21
3. Location: New Jersey
4. Brand of Choice: Camel, American Spirit
5. Cost of a pack where you're from: $4-6
6. Carton Costs?: I've never bought a carton. I don't know.
7. Amount smoked per day: I try to limit a max of 5. If I exceed, I try not to smoke more than 10.
8. Who disapproves of your smoking?: Half of my friends, most of my family, and sometimes myself.
9. Do you think you could quit whenever you wanted to?: I was thinking about quitting this week, but I'm having second thoughts.
10. Have you tried quitting before?: Many times.
11. Do you smoke more when (if) you drink?: Definitely.
12. Age you started smoking: Maybe 13.
13. I smoke most when: I want to do some thinking.
14. My friends smoke: Those who smoke, smoke more than me.

Top 3 reasons to smoke:
- It helps me start my day.
- It calms me down when I'm feeling anxious or upset.
- It's something to do when you have nothing else to do.

Top 3 times you light up:
- To get me up in the morning
- When a friend lights up
- When every else is fast asleep at night. I seem to have trouble sleeping before 3am.
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