Karen (im_awkward) wrote in girl_cigarette,

Another new member.

1. Name -- Karen
2. Age -- 14
3. Location -- Boston, MA
4. Brand of Choice -- Marlboros, light and/or menthol. Also, Japanese HRC "Alphabet" cigarettes, if anyone's heard of them.
5. Cost of a pack where you're from -- Fucking expensive. Cigarette taxes.
6. Carton Costs? -- No clue.
7. Amount smoked per day -- Depends. Usually ~4. I can go a whole day without a cigarette, though.
8. Who dissapproves of your smoking? -- Well, my parents if they knew, I'm assuming. And all of my really close friends (they're aren't pushy, though). The superficial friends who I hate don't give a shit.
9. Do you think you could quit whenever you wanted to? -- I think so. I can go multiple days without a cigarette. This summer I'm going to Speech & Debate camp at UT Austin. They'll keep an eye on me, so I won't smoke. But I can handle it.
10. Have you tried quitting before? -- No.
11. Do you smoke more when (if) you drink? -- Not really.
12. Age you started smoking -- Don't remember. 2 or 3 years ago?
13. I smoke most when - I'm alone. I like smoking alone for the most part. If I had close friends who smoked, maybe I would like to smoke with them, but I don't.
a. I at my computer
b. I'm with friends who smoke
c. I'm alone
d. I read/relax
e. other (specify)

14. My friends smoke - Not at all, for the most part.
a. more than me
b. less than me
c. the same amount as me
d. not at all

top 3 reasons to smoke --
1) I dunno. I just like it.
2) It's legal. I get it from my parents, and even if I'm caught, neither I nor my parents will be penalized according to Massachusetts state law.
3) Can't think of a third reason.

top 3 times you light up --
1) After school, I take the train home. There's a little aqueduct path that leads away from the station. I usually walk along there to smoke. It's really isolated and I like smoking alone. There are lots of leaves and plants and I feel like a little witch-doctor with the smoke all around me. Haha.
2) Whenever I want to get out of the house. Usually I'll just walk to a park nearby.
3) Late at night, but I usually don't get the chance.
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