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I'm gonna die young

Smokin' all night long.

Girls that smoke
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Girls That Smoke
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Aye aye ladies! I haven't gotten around to really updating this, (Aside from requesting the totally rad layout from LA Girl Layouts.)

Optional Survey
1. Name --
2. Age --
3. Location --
4. Brand of Choice --
5. Cost of a pack where you're from --
6. Carton Costs? --
7. Amount smoked per day --
8. Who dissapproves of your smoking? --
9. Do you think you could quit whenever you wanted to? --
10. Have you tried quitting before? --
11. Do you smoke more when (if) you drink? --
12. Age you started smoking --
13. I smoke most when -
a. I at my computer
b. I'm with friends who smoke
c. I'm alone
d. I read/relax
e. other (specify)

14. My friends smoke -
a. more than me
b. less than me
c. the same amount as me
d. not at all

top 3 reasons to smoke --

top 3 times you light up --

Any other comments?

Any pictures?