smellysoxrgr8 (smellysoxrgr8) wrote in girl_cigarette,

Thanks for the invitation!

Hey there. I wrote to Brody yesterday, and she graciously invited me to be part of the crowd. I am not a girl and I don't smoke, so I shan't fill out the otherwise mandatory application. I'm here because I support smokers and I've had enough of the anti-smoking stuff going on these days. I may be the only non-smokers who thinks cigarette smoke smells amazing, but I rest my case. I love being around it. I think smokers are getting too much flack these days, and if teenagers decide to smoke after knowing the risks, that's their prerogative and I think they should be allowed in more peace than they probably often get. More or less I'm here to make some friends and just say hey to everyone. Keep lighting up as long as you feel like doing so and for those of you who hide it or have trouble finding good spots to smoke, keep trying your hardest! Cheers everyone.
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