sykopathicfairy (sykopathicfairy) wrote in girl_cigarette,


wow so some asshole just posted in the middle of an entirely different conversation her view on my smoking habits... She had to view my profile, then they viewed this community and my intro post. Maybe she will read this post and have something more to say lol

" I REALY hope you don't smoke around your children. I saw that you're in a pro-smoking community and there you say you smoke the most when you're on the phone, playing videogames and on the computer. I really hope you don't do it right around your kids. It's bad enough to do it in the house anyway. I grew up with parents who smoked inside as well as their friends and my sisters and I all had bad asthma growing up. It's terribly unfair and inappropriate to force a child to breathe in smoke and smell like smoke all the time."

oh yeah, I might add, she's a nonshaving vegan from SoCal... what a shocker
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